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about us

eflooring is an on-line flooring retailer with a difference, yeah, we know you've heard it all before, but this time we think you will agree.

So what makes eflooring different?

For a start, we sell hardwood, engineered and laminate flooring at the price we pay for it. We just ask you to cover our carriage and handling costs.

How many retailers can say that?

By now you've probably realised we aren't sales men with targets to meet, we are the complete opposite - we're floor fitters and we take great pride in our floors and the materials we use, so much so we'd like everbody to have some - even if it means virtually giving it away.

So we looked at the way on-line retailers work and thought we could do better. And it occured to us that we do exactly the same amount of paperwork and use the same number of staff wether you buy one pack of flooring or fifty - so we thought it would make much more sense if we charged one price no matter how much flooring you buy.

What could be simpler? You get great flooring at incredible prices and we charge for administration and carriage. Happy days.

In some cases, you can save over £1000 on a pallet of flooring.


For example:-

Ten packs of solid blacknut flooring..

Our price          -  £  90.00 x 10 = £900.00 plus handling £100 plus carriage £60. Total £1,060.00

Beatson's price  -  £135.32 x 10 = £1,553.20 plus carriage £15.00                       Total £1,568.32


Or try it with 20 packs..

Our price                  -  £ 90.00 x 20 = £1,800 plus handling £100 plus carriage £60.  Total £1,960.00

Flooring centre price  -  £128.35 x 20 = £2,567.04 plus carriage £30.                         Total £2,597.04


Please note: handling and carriage charges are calculated per pallet. Carriage charges may vary depending on your loaction so please call before placing your order.